Aircon Servicing Singapore

In short, regular aircon services on a regular basis help to maintain the efficiency of air conditioning and extend its useful life. After about a year of use, air conditioning began to work less efficiently.
If properly maintained, your air conditioner may last up to 10 years. During use, the chances of having to face dampness and frustration on air-conditioned hot days have been greatly reduced. This will save you the potential cost of long-term repair of defective air conditioners.

Regular aircon services allow it to operate at peak efficiency. The result is that you will have freshly filtered clean air consistently cool. This is especially useful for those prone to skin allergies, asthma, and sinuses. If the air conditioner is not well maintained, it will clog the dust and reduce the efficiency. The result is contaminated air circulating around.

Moreover, clogged aircon mean that more energy is needed to operate. You may need to adjust cooler temperatures than usual to enjoy the cool air. This will increase electricity usage, resulting in higher electricity bills. Serving your air conditioner can also help promote a peaceful, noise-free environment.
Air-conditioned units without oil may become noisy after some time. Maintaining regular air conditioning inside parts that are well-maintained on a regular basis will greatly facilitate healthy air conditioning, thus ensuring a good night's rest.

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